Roofing and Guttering

Roofing And Guttering

We offer a Roofing / Guttering service at Securelec

Our swift and professional team are here to help you, we aim to provide you with the best service possible, helping to meet our client's requirements and exceed their expectations. Helping you avoid delays and bad workmanship.

Steps Done During Roofing:

– Installing the Low Level Ventilation System.
– Installing the Underlay Support Tray.
– Installing the Underlay.
– Measuring for Battens and Roof Tiles.
– Installing the Battens.
– Laying the Tiles.

What is done during roofing and guttering?

Securelec work on houses and buildings to build, maintain and repair roofs. They use a variety of tools and materials to get the job done and depending on the type of roof, including asphalt, galvanized steel, and shingles. Roofing is a craft that takes time and balance.

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